Table at Luigi's

A modern day fairy tale about David, a chef who creates living dreams for people through his cooking. When David falls in love with Emily she forces him to realize that the dreams he’s been creating for others have only held him in his own dream world.

The Proposal

The Proposal is an aggressively short film about Danny (Jim Harris) asking his girlfriend’s one-year old daughter (Emma Dull) for permission to marry her mommy (Carla Harris). It doesn’t go well.

Sympathy Pains

When Danny and Stephanie find out they’re pregnant (surprise!), Danny can’t stop his own morning sickness. Every mention of the baby sends him running for a bathroom, except when he’s on stage.

Starring: Rachel Miller

This hybrid Documentary / Musical is the story of Rachel Miller, a walking paraplegic who, though she can’t feel her legs, is able to walk, dance, and sing.

Its about using film to tell interesting stories in interesting ways. Joe Dull